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Discover and smell #spring!

In between all the red roses and romance, you would forget that spring is almost here. We showed the tip of the iceberg in the latest FleuraMetz Winter Magazine. See more happy spring inspiration below.

In 2017, these five stunning spring flowers were the most popular among our customers. What are your favourite spring products? Tag them on Instagram or pin them on Pinterest and discover more inspiring #spring designs while you’re there.

1. French tulips

2. Fritillaria

3. Narcisus

4. Iris Germanica

5. Ponpon Ranunculus

Novelties FleuraMetz - new in our range

The following new products have been added to our range last week. If you are interested in one of these products feel free to inquire about availability and price with your salesperson. Please note that some items are only available in limited numbers and within a certain period of time.

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The queen of Valentine’s Day has burgundy, soft-as-velvet petals

Tradition, beauty, love, passion… the rose is a symbol for many occasions with Valentine’s Day as its biggest celebrator. Nowadays, there are tons of varieties to the classic, red queen of flowers.

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