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Our trusted novelties have a new brand new look. It now also tells you the category to which a novelty belongs allowing you to immediately see whether this product applies to your target groups. That’s what we call smart buying!

Surprise - This category offers smart products to those who want to be ahead of their customers. 



Cymbidium Tak Chocobear

Hippeastrum Lovely Nymph (D)

Rosa Secret Garden

Helleborus nig. Mont Blanc

Arr. Hya. Berk maxi

Arr. Kamerplant

Ceramics Evi dish, d28*13cm

  Ceramics Hugs vase, d25*40cm

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Essentials - This category shows you what you should be offering at this moment. The source? Global sales data that gives us insight in the current desires of consumers and customers.  

Amaryllis and cymbidium

Hellebore, Amaryllis bulb and Hyacinths

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Nobilis wreath

Hippeastrum mix

Zinc Bucket, d12.5*11.5cm

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Your settings influence the visibility of the different category roles. If you receive an error message or do not see the required category, please contact your FleuraMetz contact person. More information about 'Buy Smart' categories available here.

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