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Ultimate climax with loving red roses

Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February is the ultimate day of love. For many people the perfect occasion to display their affection for their sweet hearts in the most memorable ways.

Most people go for a lovely mixed bouquet or a single red rose, the symbol of love. Leon Bonte, FleuraMetz’ Manager Purchasing Roses, has his own views on Valentine’s Day and the preparations that need to be done for this extraordinary flower Holiday.


“Of course we are very happy with this Holiday in our world of flowers. It stands for a major peak day and at the same time closure of a mediocre sales period during the first, dark and cold weeks of the year. It also requires the uttermost from everyone down the chain. Our partner growers, who have their roses standby for cutting, are usually very nervous whether the crops are developing properly. A week delay in production could have a disastrous effect as the turnover at Valentine’s Day usually count for 10% - 20% of the annual benefits. You could only imagine the impact for a grower when his crops are delayed a week.

It is quite odd when you think about it. We buy and sell stock that physically doesn’t exist yet. In the last few weeks, we have been reserving several shipments of roses at our partner growers in The Netherlands, Africa and South America. Every year it is a gambling game as the demands are enormous but you can only wait and see what is available. We are talking big numbers and a 10% difference in production could already mean a huge difference in price. It is incredibly difficult to predict what the market will do and we are not the only one fishing in the pond. At the end of the day it all comes down to the right connections and established relationships.  

At FleuraMetz (and most probably at many other export companies) Red Naomi will be our number one red rose. A great runner up is Upper Class, which will probably be half the number of Red Naomi. Also Red Sky from Ethiopia will end up close to Upper Class but is mainly sold because of its price. From the Dutch range, we will also see a lot of Grand Prix. As said before, it is a gamble every year as people only seem to want more and more. We automatically assume we can meet all the demands. To be honest, I wonder sometimes whether not demand will exceed offer at a certain point. 

Still up until now, we seem to be able to keep everyone happy and many loved ones are pleasantly suprised with a gorgeous red rose on the day. When the moment is there and everyone down the chain (grower, florist and wholesaler) has exceeded themselves once again, I’m afraid I will be facing the same problems every year. Unfortunately, due to all the a pressure I always forget to bring roses home for my other half. My behavior is not appreciated I can promise you that…”

Leon Bonte, FleuraMetz Manager Purchasing roses

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day, make this one count! 

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