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ON THE MOVE | Brunch between peonies

On Tuesday 21 May, FleuraMetz was invited to Paeon BV in Benningbroek (The Netherlands) by Preferred Supplier My Peony. Always wanted to know more about the trading process of fresh peonies?

The peonies from My Peony are organically grown. The fields from Paeon BV has been run by the same family for decades. Everything there is to know about growing this amazing flower, they manage. The sturdy peonies, which bloom beautifully and big in the most attractive colours made the jaw-dropping experience even more breath-taking. What colour is your favourite?

  • People love the way peonies bloom the most
  • Variety in shape and colour makes this flower suitable for a wide range of jobs
  • Paeon BV produces 150 – 200 peony varieties in total
  • These varieties are spread over 74 acres of land.
  • From these fields, over 7 million stems are sold each year

Ernst Star, management My Peony: “Cutting the peonies must be done at the right time, when there is a lot of sunshine. After being cut, the peonies are immediately stored in the peony shed. Here, the optimised conditions keep the peonies beautiful and fresh.”

As the sun is coming out more often now, it also means that the peak time for cutting peonies is about to start. Soon the peony shed will be completely filled guaranteeing our customers a fast, fresh and high quality supply.

Want to know more about our current offer in peonies? Click here to go straight to our web shop or ask you salesperson for peonies from My Peony.

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GUEST BLOG | Florists of the future

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