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DIY | Floating gypsophila

Floating installations of flowers and grasses are very on trend. If you are following leading, floral Instagram accounts, you must have seen them before. They were also featured in the latest FlowerTales magazine. With below few tips you can now easily create one yourself!

  • 2 florettes (Base the size on how big you would like the floating installation to be. This arrangement was made with medium florettes)
  • 2 bunches of small headed Gypsophila
  • Anchor tape
  • White paper covered wire (2mm)

Step 1:
Let the florettes fully soak up with water and tie them together, back to back with the anchor tape.

Step 2:
Hang the florettes from the ceiling using the white paper covered wire. Note, the excess of water will drip from the florettes. However, pre-hanging them allows you to work on the design from all angles and avoids the risk of water leaking onto a beautifully dressed table.

Step 3:
First, completely cover the foam with a first layer of gyp so you can't see it anymore. Use short stems, sticking about 15cm from the foam.

Step 4:
Create an airy and light look by adding a second layer of gyp in between the short stems of the first layer. What you want to do is to give the design more volume.

When your floating installation is hung at the right place, first test if it stays in place. If it is floating in place for a significant amount of time, you can start working on the table underneath. This seemingly insignificant step will save you lots of headache afterwards!

Hang the floating gyp above a dressed or plain table for an exciting still life or as part of a wedding decoration. Which one would you prefer?

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