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ON THE MOVE | Trends for florists wholesale

Autumn 2019 and spring 2020 have already been given shape with the help of trend watchers. Director Nancy van Kleef is in charge of staying on top of trends for FleuraMetz. Together with her team, she translates these trends into practical concepts for the floriculture. See what we can expect over the course of the year:

“This might be my most favourite part of the job, working with trends and put together a product range based on these trends. I don’t do this alone, my team and I rely on the knowledge and skills of different trend watchers.”

“There are trend watchers, who describe general developments and movements that influence buying behaviours. A good example is the current interest for local products. It comes from a deeper longing inside: to be part of a group or neighbourhood where one feels safe.”

Some trend watchers work with shapes, colours and materials that arise from these trends, Nancy explains: “There are also different specialisms per industry. There is a trend watcher, who specialises on interior design and a trend watcher, who solely focuses on flowers and plants.”

“All this information is quite overwhelming. Twice a year, we focus on this subject so that we can translate them into FleuraMetz trend charts and a new FleuraMetz selection. FlowerTales is the label of FleuraMetz, where all new products and ideas are always available first.”

“Keep in mind however, that ‘new’ isn’t always suitable for everyone right away. Sometimes it’s better for a region, shop or florist to tap in on new colours and shape at a later time. The FlowerTales collection and storytelling is always up-to-date and is suitable for both trend followers and trendsetters. Therefore, we always start the process by assembling the new colours, shapes and materials.”

“Once we have specified these, we call out what we expect to see in the collections of flowers, plants and sundries. This work method ensures that there is always cohesion between the four styles, which we create each year.”

With the new styles ready and at hand, we visit our suppliers. Nancy: “This was again a feast the past few months! With our colour charts in one hand and a description of the expected materials/shapes in the other, we searched for the most beautiful products. I can’t say too much yet but lucky for me, a picture says more than a thousand words!”

The collections are available in the web shop as of September 2019. The products are listed and available under a specific style through the FlowerTales packages.

More about the trends for 2020 soon.

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