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ON THE MOVE | Why do we work with strategic buyers?

FleuraMetz is incredibly busy working on developments and innovations, on stage and off stage. We want to offer you the most transparent, widest and deepest selection possible. Today, we are taking you to Purchasing: our collaboration with Preferred Suppliers means ruling out the excess links in the supply chain!

Rob Aelbers and Peter van den Berg are closely involved with Preferred Suppliers. Recently, both of them became strategic buyers: an Account Manager for Preferred Suppliers. Together with growers, they work out ideas and develop them into concepts. Rob: “We still go through the auction premises every morning to look at stock, don’t you worry!”

More is being purchased directly nowadays; the position of auction trade is changing. Rob: “Therefore, we needed two types of buyers. Auction buyers continue to focus on daily trade, whereas Peter and I look after long-term orders that need to be fulfilled in a month or six months’ time.”

Now that online shopping is becoming more and more important, it also means that the collaboration with Preferred Suppliers must be intensified and that we need to work ahead. Peter: “The online customer is ordering later, in smaller quantities and wants to be able to top up an order that was placed earlier. It requires the auction buyer’s full attention. Strategic buying is aimed for the long-term and is built on a good relationship with the grower.”

Peter: “We visit our Preferred Suppliers regularly, therefore we know exactly what’s going through their minds. As our near future goal is to purchase 70% of our stock directly from growers, transparency from both sides is key. Even our own agreements are important: everything I arrange for long-term orders is always discussed with the auction buyer first.”

ON THE MOVE | Fleurametz @DMF 2018

FleuraMetz attended the 'Deutsche Meisterschaft der Floristen' in Berlin as a sponsor on 17 and 18 August.

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GUEST BLOGGER | Emily Alarcon on the no.1 wedding trend: candelabra flower arrangements

Summertime means full on wedding season. They come in different shapes and sizes but share one thing in common: eternal love! The happy couples of 2018 seem to be big fans of large centerpieces, especially candelabra arrangements. No matter the height or colour, they are elegant and abundant. Emily Alarcon tells us the details:

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