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What bouquet will you make for Lonely Bouquet Day?

The most feel good flower event is taking place again on Sunday 24 June: Lonely Bouquet Day! The Lonely Bouquet was invented to show the power of a beautiful bouquet, while spreading smiles throughout the country. At the same time, it gave florists the ultimate opportunity to showcase their skills and arrange stunning flowers.

A lonely bouquet comes with a card with a kind message from its creator. On The Lonely Bouquet creators can abandon bouquets and leave them up for adoption in a place of their choice.

This could be on the corner of a street, where unsuspecting passers-by can discover and pick up a free bouquet. The bouquet can then be marked as ‘adopted’ on the same website! This allows you to find out the new home of your bouquet and attract possible new customers. Are you in?

Share your design with us on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to see who you surprised with a beautiful bouquet!


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