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Guest blog: FlowerTales photographer Bianca Rijkenbarg

Every two months, Bianca Rijkenbarg photographs the most stunning designs with flowers, plants and hard goods for the upcoming FlowerTales packages. Especially for FleuraMetz, she is sharing a day in her life.

Bianca: “Every two months, I have the pleasure of looking after the FlowerTales photoshoot. Every time I walk into the FleuraMetz building, it’s a feast of flowers with the most wonderful designs that are created! The days prior to my arrival are busy days with a lot of organising and pressure. It’s up to me to photograph the designs as good and beautiful as possible.”

“To me, the approach of photographing flowers and plants is the same as to other photoshoots or wedding pictures. Before I take a picture, I first decide what the focus of that image should be. This could be an open flower or the texture of a leaf but also a combination of different products together. I am able to shoot this thanks to a right composition and the right camera setting.”

“For FlowerTales, I also work a lot with small depths of focus. The result is a perfectly highlighted product, while other surrounding subjects from the series are blurred into the background. They still add atmosphere to the image but do not take the focus away from the main subject.”

“Combining different products always needs a bit of styling. Are we highlighting the differences of the products or the combination itself? Balance is very important for a good photo. Are we putting products together in a playful setting or aligned? Are we alternating tall and short products or rather emphasising the materials and colours of the pots? Sometimes it needs a bit of shifting and changing before the best shot is taken.”

“One of my favourite parts is working with models. This is where photography and styling come together. When all the elements are right, we can take amazing photos where flowers, plants and hard goods look their very best. I have gathered some of my personal favourites from the past three years in my blog. Take a look!


Blog: It’s a wrap!

One of the latest trends is the flower bag. Not only is it practical, it also looks incredibly stylish! A protective gift wrap that enhances the beauty of the actual gift: the bouquet. In line with this trend, we have developed our own flower bag in typical FlowerTales style, simple and in white. This bag fits all style bouquets and allows customers to take them home safely. Another great product is: the hat box! Ideal for plants or bouquets and the perfect gift.

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Blog – Think out of the box with these plants

Thinking out of the box: unique, distinctive, appealing to consumers is easier said than done, especially when you’re having a busy week. Discover new ideas and inspiration on our Pinterest board (@FleuraMetzHQ), where we currently show a very special plant collection…

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