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Guest blog: A florist’s inspiration for Easter

Floral stylist Bianca Vreugdenhil (44) notices that her customers are repeatedly looking for inspiration, including for Easter. “Maybe even more with Easter than any other occasion!” In this guest blog, she shares her ideas and options with us.

“No one knows if it will be freezing or blazing hot that weekend but one thing’s sure: Easter falls early this year. We will celebrate spring with family and friends and make it a real feast with a beautifully dressed table using the finest flowers, plants and hard goods.”

“One of my regular customers orders a huge, flower arrangement each year, while my neighbour likes to have individual stems to put in her bud vases. Her small dinner table only has room for two but these few stems of flowers makes all the difference. What is the best way to dress different tables? I already start giving people inspiration in February through photos and videos.”

“Easter is the ultimate occasion for decorating. Currently trending are pastel tones, earthy colours and black and white in addition to traditional orange, yellow and green. My personal favourites are inviting, tiered cake stands, eggs that are covered with moss or country-style bouquets. However, simple wreaths or over-the-top floral arrangements can also inspire meaning more business.”

“Where I get my inspiration from? From FleuraMetz’ large and wide product selection among others. They are very forward thinking, which makes my job a lot easier. Then there is Instagram and Pinterest, which are great channels for keeping up with the latest events. But most importantly is asking myself what will appeal to my customers? It has to be instantly recognizable online to my target group: ‘these beautiful products is what I will get when I shop at Bianca’s.’ From this page I would like to wish you a very happy Easter. Enjoy a festive weekend with family and friends!”

For Bianca’s tips and ideas see

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