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Guest blog: a very special wedding inspiration

UK based florist Jane Westoby – Fuchsia Blooms Florist – takes us on one of her recent projects. She was responsible for the flowers in a wedding photoshoot. Traditionally, wedding flowers include the bridal bouquet, buttonholes or centerpieces. This project involved a completely different background… a Volkswagen Campervan!

“With wedding season 2018 fast approaching, it is madness at Fuchsia Blooms Floral Studio. Earlier this month I received a request to do the flowers for a photoshoot. The photos were for a website and coincidently, I had the opportunity to use a VW Campervan for the shoot. The colour of the van was just the perfect; sage goes well with anything.” 

I was able to incorporate bright colours, such as sizzling pink and orange for an amazing effect. Ranunculus were my first flower choice. This delicate-looking flower with silky soft petals are available in a wide selection of colours, perfect for 2018! After an early hour visit to FleuraMetz London, I brought home the stock. I love how low-maintenance ranunculus are and their dramatic look when they are fully open. The flowers are great in arrangements but I prefer to show them in their natural beauty. It was quite a challenge but the result was stunning.”

“It was very cold on the day of the shoot but we were determined to make some magnificent photos. For the first time I saw there was more to a van than just a vehicle with a large bumper. The logo at the front was the perfect base for a floral hoop. With my trusted pair of secateurs it only cost me 20 minutes to make this.”

“I am a collector. Between the front garden and the creek behind the house, I found plenty of foliage, which I incorporated in the design. We saw a lot of these arrangements last year – lots of foliage with flowers – in high end weddings. I’m sure that this style remains very popular this year. The floral hoops look amazing and would also be perfect in a smaller size for flower girls.”

Photography by
Campervan by @mctriggcampers
Flowers by @fuchsia_blooms

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