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ON THE MOVE | FleuraMetz visits Rosefruits in Serbia

Eric Stokman knows that the continental climate in Serbia provides the perfect growing conditions for rosehips. Strong, colourful berries in different lengths and varieties. His company Rosefruits also makes wreaths from them. Eric: “Our next step is an organic production.’ A great reason for us to pay him a visit.

By the beginning of October, the rosehip season will be at its peak. The happy Sunset HipHop is delivering its lasts stems in October, while the Red Fruitilia and Shakira’s hips are still fully available mid-November. Eric: ‘In September we noticed a bigger demand for wreaths. We even made them in 100cm diameter on request. All our wreaths are handmade!’ Would you like to know more? Ask your salesperson for the selection of Rosefruits.

Eric: ‘I work together with an biological-dynamic agricultural expert. We look at the different vegetation that grows here and how we can benefit from natural processes. And guess what? The wild bee was the ultimate solution.” This type of bee spreads pollen better, more accurately and more often than other bee species. The wild bee – unlike the honey bee – also follows a more free flying route. Eric: “If the conditions in a rosehip field are comfortable for them, the colony will grow and keep pollinating the rosehips. With our homemade hotels for bees, we want to stimulate this natural process.”

An biological production needs to meet more and higher standards. The piece of land where Rosefruits wants to test their varieties is already prepped. Eric: “A special hedge and sufficient distance between the rosehip bushes must prevent possible pesticides blowing over from other farms. It’s a very accurate and demanding job.” Both Rosefruits farms are currently scaling up their certification to Global Gap. Eric: “Biological cultivation is the future. Therefore, I want to be involved with it already now. The quality and availability of rosehips must be secured for future generations.”

INSPIRE | DIY - Green Christmas baubles in own design

Olive branches, Thlaspi Green Bell and Cocculus: products with a fresh and natural look that will give Christmas adornments a completely new and rustic meaning. You can make these beauties yourself in just a matter of seconds with products of your choice!

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ON THE MOVE | Shortage of Christmas foliage due to dry summer?

Strategic buyer Jack de Koning was in Nordrhein-Westfalen and in Denmark at the end of October to visit our suppliers for Christmas foliage. The long, hot and beautiful summer also had a bad effect unfortunately: the drought left visible marks in the green, wooded areas.

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