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Blog: TREND – carnivorous plants

Houseplants are hot! Plant varieties we haven’t seen in years are working on a comeback including carnivorous plants, such as Venus Flytraps and Trumpet Pitchers. There are over 630 different varieties of this species. They come in different shapes and colours and are incredibly stylish in interior design.

Plants can help creating a healthy indoor climate. Carnivorous plants even help to keep the house clean as they naturally catch insects and bugs.

These predators in the window-sill have cool names such as Dionaea muscipula, Sarracenia, Drosera and Nepenthes. The carnivorous plants lure their prey with their scents and colours and then catch and digest them when they are within reach. The Dionaea, or Venus Flytrap, uses its leaves with robust traps that snap shut after contact. The Drosera, or Sundew, capture bugs using drops of mucalige at the tips of its tentacles. The Sarracenia, or Trumpet Pitchers, and the Nepenthes have tube-shaped cups that contain a fluid to drown their prey.

Tip: do not trigger the traps to close using your finger. This pointless trapping wastes a lot of the plant’s energy. However, if you like seeing the plant in action, serve them a small bug. Children love doing this!


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