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DIY: Christmas joy with only a handful of needles

Recognise them? Frustrated consumers, who refuse to do the inevitable daily sweeping of pine needles this time of year? Or those, who look for a modern look yet want to keep the traditional Christmas nostalgia? Floral Designer Tessa went hunting for ideas and found this amazing alternative amongst other treasures.

The Karma Million Flowers Red (Karma Plants) is a luscious plant with an overflow of little florets. Put them together with an odd few tall branches. Decorate the branches with Christmas adornments or leave them bare as the burgundy flowers will be enough to tie the whole together. In this DIY, this plant will be transformed with only a few neutral branches, gold wire and pinus needles, into a worthy Christmas tree alternative. The baubles are just the perfect finishing touch!

Floral Designer Tessa (Meesterlijk Geschikt) chose matte and glossy red baubles that match the red of the little, rich florets of the Million Flowers Red. The gold wire and rustic pinus needles bring a classic Christmas look to the design.

Use the gold wire to tie the branches, pinus needles and baubles together as if they were little gift parcels hanging from a tree. Add only a few of these ‘gifts’ to keep the balance. Vary with colour and size but make sure not to overdo it. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

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