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Our Preferred Suppliers

"It feels familiar!" Since a few years, FleuraMetz has launched its Preferred Suppliers programme. A Preferred Supplier works closely with FleuraMetz to maintain a high level of quality and quantity. However, what does this mean for you?

“We want to work with the best growers however, we also want to simplify choices for florists. A grower, who is a Preferred Supplier, works with us to improve operational processes, costs and products.”, according to Jeroen Wolfsen, Purchase Leader at FleuraMetz. If you are in a hurry to order but you aren’t familiar with growers and their reputation, a Preferred Supplier is always a safe bet. Wolfsen: “You can order blindly from a Preferred Supplier and not worry about a thing.” FleuraMetz collaborates very closely with these growers, whether they’re big or small. “As a florist, you want to know who and what you work with. One of the things we discuss for example, is a more efficient way of handling the logistics or packing.

Below (by clicking at flowers or plants) you will find different suppliers, who we proudly refer to as our Preferred Suppliers. Through our web shop, you can find out more about the products they offer to you and us. Simply click on the logo or name of a grower and see which beautiful products they supply. Here you can also read more about this specific collaboration and why we are so happy to have this partnership.  

More about the Preferred Suppliers