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Nursery Rozenhof

The name Rozenhof nursery doesn’t always ring a bell. The brown grizzly bear on the wrapping of gorgeous avalanche roses on the other hand does! It’s commonly known that when you order the roses with the bear on the wrapping, you are golden. You will get a perfect bunch of white Avalanche roses with beautiful leaves. A well-known quality product, which is grown completely free of bacteria. FleuraMetz tagged along with Frank Olieman, grower and owner of Rozenhof nursery. Hij took us around his premises; a 5.5 thousand ft² glass covered nursery with over 400.000 crops planted.

The modern nursery in Waddinxveen is fully automated, which means they need less human labour compared to other nurseries. Is this a bad or good thing you wonder? “It might be a common thought that more human contact means a better final product. However, not in our case. Human interference can cause damages to products in many occasions. Our automated process has been designed to deliver a perfect final product.”

This automated process is not the only reason, which makes Rozenhof roses so unique. “Our system ensures that the roses are not put in boxes in the middle of the process. This way the thorns will never damage any of the flower heads. In addition to that, we never put the roses in stagnant water, which prevents bacteria from developing and keeps the foliage fresh. At Rozenhof we believe that the perfect rose isn’t only just the flower, it also has to have neat foliage.” 


Build in a cluster together with a pepper and tomato nursery, Rozenhof nursery tries to operate as environmental friendly as possible. “With a private heat generator we generate our own heat, electricity and carbon dioxide. A large part of the electricity is used for artificial lighting in the greenhouse.  The extras is sent to be used by households located nearby. As the artificial lighting also create a lot of heat, we don’t need the heat that is being created by the generator our self.  This is sent to the vegetable greenhouse, which doesn’t need electricity but it does the heat!

Since a few years, Rozenhof is one of FleuraMetz’ Preferred Suppliers. FleuraMetz has an exceptional collaboration with these growers. For example, not only does FleuraMetz buy the products off these growers, we also join hands in improving processes, lower costs and work on an even better end result. “We are currently working on several projects together with FleuraMetz and we have just finished one that improves the loading factor of trolleys with Avalanche roses. This will lower transport costs and evidently mean a better price for a quality product.”   


The bear which is Rozenhof’s signature comes from the coat of arms from Berlin? “In rose world we are known as ‘the bears’. From 2000 to 2006 we grew Red Berlin. That’s when we decided to incorporated the coat of arms of Berlin into the packing. There is a bear in that design and that’s when ‘the bears’ were born. Until this day we still use this bear as the symbol of our company.”