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Proyecto Indio

Proyecto Indio is a foundation (with ANBI ( tax concessions) status) that works for needy young people in Ecuador. Their motto is; "helping them to help themselves". Local volunteers bring skills to young people, so that they can become economically independent, with a sound knowledge to give them a confidence in their future. The focus here is on education and health.

Together create a prosperous future
The aid projects that Proyecto Indio develops are small-scale, hopefully leading to positive and lasting results. The central point here is that any help must lead to self-help. This concrete approach touches us. The foundation has been close to the heart of FleuraMetz for many years.

Every year we focus on another project. For example the Cristo de la Calle project, which helps to build a family home under its own management. About 15 children live in the house. They have no parents and/or safe home in Ecuador. In this way they can grow up in this house, without intervention from government agencies, as one loving family under guided supervision, in order that they can then stand on their own feet.

To donate
Did you know that anyone can donate to Proyecto Indio? For example, employees of FleuraMetz can make a donation through their salary. But customers or suppliers can also contribute. FleuraMetz is responsible for all administrative costs. So 100% of your donation ends up directly with the young people in Ecuador.

Direct donation:
Proyecto Indio Verein Zürcher Kantonalbank, CH-8010 Zurich Iban: CH80 0070 0112 4002 2100 6 / Swift: ZKBKCHZZ80A

Do you want to contribute in a different way? Mail to #mail1#.