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Sustainable trade is the new norm. And certification is the means to determine sustainable trade. We have the ambition to sell 90% of our flowers and plants sustainably by 2020.

FleuraMetz has signed up to the FSI convention (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative 2020), together with 45 other parties in the floricultural sector. With this, FleuraMetz will focus on sustainable flowers and plants, so that every florist knows how the product was grown or made. This means that FleuraMetz expects their own suppliers also to be certified according to the FSI rules. 

Why certify?
The importance of certification is considerable, because this is the only way to establish sustainable trade. It ensures transparency and shows that legislation and regulations are complied with. This is why FleuraMetz has signed the FSI convention. Together we keep the ornamental sector green.

Webshop uses FSI Basket, MPS-A and FlorEcuador Icons
Our webshop shows characteristics such as length, quality and country of origin on every product line. If the nursery where the product comes from meets the standards of FSI Basket, MPS-A or FlorEcuador, you will also see a sustainable icon. These certificates are obtained by growers who cultivate their products sustainably, treat their staff fairly and reduce their own impact on the environment as much as possible. Please read more about the details on FSI Basket.

The icon is not the only option to buy sustainable flowers and plants. By filtering on 'Sustainability' on the left side of the webshop menu, you will only see the products that meet the above certification.

Your sales advisor will help you find these products, which are often slightly more expensive because Fairtrade-certified companies ensure the right working conditions for their staff with a fair salary. The certificate says nothing about the cultivation method of the product. Therefore, Fairtrade is not in the same category as MPS-A and FlorEcuador.

Here you can read more about the different components of sustainability or certification.