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Summer joy at a colourful dinner table

Creative as you are, you might have already spotted the ‘Glances of Decofresh’. Have you also noticed that this concept changes every two months to suit the season? Making the right combinations has never been this easy and practical! For July and August, a happy mix full of colour is waiting for you. View the one-minute video and discover the versatility of the ‘Glances of Summer’!

The secret behind the intense colours of these roses are their production location. The high-altitude gardens of Decofresh Roses in Kenya have the perfect conditions for growing the stunning pink, yellow and orange tones of the 'Glances of Summer'. How would you like to use them?

An evening-long dinner outside, a wedding or closing dinner of a team outing... what better way to spend it than at this floral table?! Check out below one-minute video and see how this was dressed.

Create instant summer with the right atmosphere! Discover more summer vibes and a free gift for you here soon…

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