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Novelties FleuraMetz - new in our range

The following new products have been added to our range last week. If you are interested in one of these products feel free to inquire about availability and price with your salesperson. Please note that some items are only available in limited numbers and within a certain period of time.


Astrantia Diamond White

Dahlia Boom Boom Red

Gerbera Aspen


Gerbera Art Deco

 Hydrangea Blink

Lilium Amandale


Begonia Autumn Ember

 Calocephalus brownii Silvercalos

Special Stars bag - 12.5/19**22cm x10


Sepino pot d15*13.5cm x1

Candlelight glass pot d13*14cm x2


All about the Alocasia

Thanks to consistent monitoring of current trends and consumer behaviour, we are able to respond to market changes quickly and adequately. As part of the international flower and houseplant of the month campaign, one flower and plant is selected each month to be promoted among the public. The selected products are easily incorporated into your normal shop stock and enables you to offer a fashionable, monthly range to consumers.

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Exclusive look & feel: “Sunrich – Van Gogh’s Favorite”

These stunning sunflowers with their distinctive yellow petals and fresh green stems are wrapped in a special packaging and ready to buy for consumers. Exclusively available at FleuraMetz.

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