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DIY | The joys of spring!

The month of June is national rose month. The month´s name derives from the Roman goddess of marriage: Juno. Therefore, this DIY is filled with love and pastel shades. The ´Glances of Romance´ roses fit perfectly in this beautiful floral wreath.

Step 1
Form the aluminium wire into a hairband. You can adjust this to the size of your own head or a child’s. Please note: cut both sides an inch longer. Use pliers to make two small loops at the ends. Close the loops as far as possible by turning the ends inwards so you can not feel any sharp ends.

Step 2
Cut a large piece of ribbon from the coil, at least three times the length of the hairband. Lay the ribbon down along the headband so that there is as much ribbon left on both sides. Wrap the hairband and the ribbon entirely with caoutchouc (in the web shop under Flower tape 13mm 27.5 m). Neatly finish the two loops at the ends.

Step 3
Put all flowers and green materials on the wire and finish off with caoutchouc as well.

Step 4
Twist the materials around the hairband one by one. Wrap the wire from the flower completely around for extra strength.

Step 5
Start and finish with a twig of jasmine, which will neatly cover the loops. Take care not to fill the hairband all around. There should not be any flowers where the headband sits on the head. Bend the flowers in such a way that they do not point to the inside of the circle.

Not in the mood to make a creation? Glances of Romance will add a subtle touch to every bouquet with its pastel shades. For more inspiration about this rose mix, we refer you to this page.

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