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Guest Blog - From the industry: fierce days of autumn

What is currently happening in the industry? People from different parts of the trade share their experience with FleuraMetz. Floral Stylist Bianca Vreugdenhil (44) is gearing up for the summer to autumn shift and talks about her approach to consumers.

“The cake is eaten, the party is over, sunny days have made way for wind, warm jumpers and blankets on the sofa. It sounds a bit blue but many people find the shift from summer to autumn the hardest one of all. I on the other hand, absolutely love autumn. Once the summer holiday is over, I start making new plans: what do customers want, what are the new trends?” 

“Even more importantly: ‘wat do I want?’ Clearly I have to feel good about the things I sell. It’s my emotion that goes into the work, my passion. Customer see and feel that too. I like combining beautiful flowers with products, such as apples, autumn fruits and chestnuts. The first mock-ups are ready mid-August, which I share on social media. I don’t own a shop only a studio. It is therefore very important that I have my digital shop window set up early and ready, on my Facebook page for example.”   

“When the days are drawing in, people like a snug and comfortable house. Being their florist or stylist, you set the example. Autumn is an easy season: there is so much diversity and so many beautiful products around. I use my digital shop window to appeal to customers. When they buy my products it means appreciation. It’s even better when I receive photos from clients of colourful bouquets or beautifully styled accessories, which they’ve bought off me.” 

“I often have things leftover from summer. Last autumn, I dried large blue huydrangeas, which I used in my autumn wreaths this year. I draw inspiration from Pinterest  or fellow-florists but will always give my own twist to the designs. I also do more than just selling the product, I give additional information. Did you know that Physalis are great for drying?” FleuraMetz offers in their web shop fresh Physalis on stem as well as the dried lanterns in boxes. 

Sharing practical information is very important. How to cut hydrangeas or different ways of tying and snipping of flowers for example. It adds an extra dimension to the purchase of a bouquet or an arrangement, increasing the chances of a second order. Show people the positive effects of flowers around the house, especially when the weather outside becomes a lot less appealing!”

DIY: Cucumis and hydrangea combo

Wreaths are an all-time favourite, especially in extraordinary styles or striking combinations. One of the most popular flowers for autumn are hydrangeas and here they form the stunning centre of this design. The bright coloured cucumis make a fresh complement to the warm, deep shades of the Classics.

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Blog - On the move: FleuraMetz in Nordrhein-Westfalen!

Just over the Dutch border lies a green strip buzzing with commercial activities: Nordrhein-Westfalen. Here, you will find acres and acres of Weymouth pine, better known as Pinus Strobus. FleuraMetz buyer, Jack de Koning, visited the premises at the beginning of August to see the current status of the greenery. In addition to the many, robust branches of pine, he was also welcomed by another beautiful sight: a pond full of water lilies!

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