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Christmas begins in August

Ideas come to you at the most spontaneous times. On a warm August afternoon florist Mandie Boom bumped into her friend across the street and said, “I have a great idea for a Christmas workshop!” Boom wrote about her findings and preparations for the Christmas period for FleuraMetz.

‘Yes my friend did look questioningly at me. But you need time to make plans. As Christmas gets closer and closer, there are so many other things to think about.  I immediately sketched out my plans and put them in my folder with all my other ideas, so that I wouldn’t forget them.”

“Christmas is the busiest time of year for florists, but also the most fun. There are so many gorgeous materials available to use, and you can really start to get creative! In the shop Bloemen met liefde (Flowers with love) in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht in the Netherlands, we love to use natural materials. We do sometimes include a shiny bauble and some glitter in our Christmas arrangements, but mostly we work with different types of green foliage, ilex, succulents, wood,  catkins, date branches and so on. I love it!”

“We sell flowers and Christmas arrangements, and also all kinds of interior decorations. I am a fan of the botanical Christmas trend. In 2017 this trend uses many different shades of green, such as olive green, dark Christmas green and eucalyptus. Combine these with plants, wood and other natural materials such as moss and pine cones. You will also see the return of last year’s industrial Christmas trend, with strong materials and  handmade craft accessories, so this year it is ok to have moss in your Christmas tree!”

“I am pleased that traditional winter white is also making a comeback this year, combining soft pastel shades such as lilac and light blue. Of course there are more trends to discover such as the classic Christmas spirit which is always on trend. We like to keep things calm in the shop and so we stick to just a few things that suit us and our customers best. The workshop is stocked up, the extra help is arranged! Just one more good idea for the shop window display, and Bloemen met liefde is ready for Christmas!”

A terrifyingly beautiful arrangement

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DIY: Festive table arrangement

With the days drawing in and stormy weather being the rule rather than the exception, it is time to migrate our lives to the indoors. Create the right atmosphere for a get-together, dinner party or meeting with fiery details. Bring the last bit of sunshine into the house with this spirited yet simple table arrangement.

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