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photo of Alex Leveille
Alex Leveille

Contact information

Tel 514 737 5151 / 866 531 1119
Fax 514 737 2412

Postal address

4420 Rue Garand
H4R 2A3 Saint-Laurent

Visiting address

4420 Rue Garand
H4R 2A3, Saint-Laurent

Opening hours

Monday 05.00am - 03.00pm
Tuesday 05.00am - 03.00pm
Wednesday 05.00am - 03.00pm
Thursday 05.00am - 03.00pm
Friday 05.00am - 03.00pm
Saturday 05.00am - 11.00am
Sunday Fermé

FleuraMetz can be considered one of the premier suppliers of cut flowers. The wide range of cut flowers available from all over the world is unmatched. With its team of dedicated Account Managers, florists have a wealth of knowledge and service at their disposal. In addition to selling cut flowers, FleuraMetz also offers an extensive range of plants and sundries.