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Dijk Van Dijk - Hydrangea

Preferred Supplier Dijk van Dijk grows powerful hydrangeas. “Most florists and floral designers are unaware of the number of varieties that are available. Single stems, multiple stems, double flowers or specific colour shades: the sky is the limit.”

Robin van Dijk, the grower, who is also the director of Dijk van Dijk, says: “Hydrangeas are incredibly versatile. The earlier we understand the demands and queries from consumers, the more efficient we can act upon them.”  Preferred Supplier Dijk van Dijk wants to know what's going on further down the chain. 

The varieties from Preferred Supplier Dijk van Dijk are densely filled with florets with 7 of the 9 flower heads showing full colour. You don’t see this every day. Ask your distributor after the availability of Dijk van Dijk Hydrangea, or browse the online shop to discover the nursery’s wide range of colours and delivery quantities. Want to know more about the nursery? Visit their website