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Borst Bloembollen

Preferred Supplier Borst Bloembollen bv is specialised in the breeding and introduction of new cultivars. Constant improvement and innovation is the tulip grower’s motto, which has produced a surprising range of flowers.

The tulips grown by Borst Bloembollen bv are MPS-A certified; a Global GAP certificate is pending. This means that opting for this nursery is a wise decision! The tulips, which are available in a vast variety of colours, are given all the time they need to grow and are pre-treated with BVB as a standard. This results in leaves that stay green longer and stems that remain straight after the flowers have been put in a vase. 

Discover it for yourself
Preferred Supplier Borst Bloembollen grows 35 million tulips in 150 varieties, between October and May. The nursery’s product range distinguishes itself through factors such as colour, weight, flower type and packaging units (per 100, 50 or 30). Ask your distributor after the availability of Borst Bloembollen flower bulbs, or browse the online shop to discover the nursery’s wide range of colours and delivery quantities. You can filter your search on ‘Borst’ or look in the Customized category.

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