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Career at FleuraMetz

Flowers are all about perception: they smell nice, have lovely colours, make people happy, say ‘thank-you’ or offer sympathy. Plants help you to feel at home and accessories give that special something. At FleuraMetz we also value perception. It means feeling that you are part of the whole, work as a team, can 'smell' opportunities, grow and flourish. Successful. Together.

Your colleagues at FleuraMetz are motivated and involved. They work hard together to achieve the organizational aims. There is no space for political games; what we want is short lines, responsibilities that are taken up at a low level in the organization and a no-nonsense mentality.

FleuraMetz is a healthy and stable enterprise that wants to stay ahead in the sector. With more than 1300 colleagues, we work on making the organization even more professional. That means working with good equipment, such as modern trucks and efficiently automated transport system for distributing flowers. It also means we are continually investing in new methods for purchasing and sales, IT solutions and other ways to improve the business processes.

We are also keen to invest in your own development. Learning from experience is something we value highly: supervision at the workplace, learning from experienced colleagues, experiencing how things work in different departments and ‘just getting down to work’. And of course, you also learn by taking courses. What really matters, is that we find talent more important than obtaining a diploma.

Responsible, human and forwards are the core values of FleuraMetz.