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Sustainability policy of FleuraMetz

Employees: FleuraMetz can only be a full-service partner thanks to the contribution of motivated and committed employees. We therefore think it is very important to provide a pleasant and safe working environment. If you are curious about what works at FleuraMetz then look here.

Truck fleet: A good example of limiting our environmental impact is our truck fleet. Our modern and clean trucks never drive faster than is strictly necessary and they are equipped with the most up to date engines. Our drivers are also trained in economical and safe driving techniques.

FSI: We believe in the power of collaboration. Together with other (trade) companies in the floriculture sector, we have signed up to 90% sustainable trade and production in 2020. This is laid down in the FSI conditions. Sustainable trade can be demonstrated through certification. Want to know more? Click here.

Waste policy: Another good example of how we limit our environmental impact is our waste processing policy. We sort, process and recycle our own waste.

Foundation: FleuraMetz is active in Ecuador and feels very engaged with the many people who live in poverty there. That is why FleuraMetz supports Proyecto Indio. This charity carries out small-scale actions, aimed at children, with the intention of helping them to help themselves. More on Proyecto Indio.

The health of our own employees is also important! That is why we encourage physical and sporting activities through sponsoring. Because exercise has a positive effect on health. By continuing to move, we can continue to grow.