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This summer exudes flowers!

There is no shortage of beautiful flowers. It gives us the summer vibes! Demand for summer flowers is growing fast, and there is a large variety on offer. Where to start? FleuraMetz offers you a bit of help: in the next few weeks, we will feature a number of popular summer flowers!

There are several varieties of summer flowers that are perfect for a fresh, summery bouquet. Astilbe and Phlox by Preferred Suppliers, Amazing Astilbe by Rutgrink and Hogenboom Phloxen exude summer. Did you know that planning is crucial for growing Astilbe? It takes approximately eight to ten weeks after planting until the first Astilbes flower.

Use a variety of summery ingredients as much and often as you can. Keep an eye on the Essentials  for a suitable offer over the next few weeks.

TriteleiaLathyrus and Asclepia are also surprising, special summer flowers. Preferred Suppliers N. van der Meer, N.J.S. are ready for the season. If you search for a Surprise offer in the web shop in the next few weeks, you will be one of the first. There are other products in the Surprise list that have something special, surprising or new every week. Have you ever smelled the subtle scent of Lathyrus?

Are you interested in the availability of these summer flowers? Please contact your salesperson or scroll through the products per category online.

Florists choose sustainable and affordable

Did you know that the web shop offers an easy option to buy sustainable flowers and plants? And that FleuraMetz automatically marks their products as Sale after 24 hours, but never longer than 48 hours? Choose the benefit that suits you and offer your customers the choice.

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Buy smart

Novelties, surprises or the must-haves of the week. Filter with Buy Smart to see which products suit your business and style.

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