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Novelties, surprises or the must-haves of the week. Filter with Buy Smart to see which products suit your business and style.

Surprise - This category offers smart products to those who want to be ahead of their customers. 

Dichelostemma Red Princess

Cel.Cr.Smashing (Kam)

Hydr.Mag.Beautensia Dali

Agapanthus Amourette blue

Fragaria ana. Beltran

Mandevilla mix rek

Ceramics Lynn planter ov., 20*12*11cm

Glass colour Opaca tea light, d11*7cm

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Essentials - This category shows you what you should be offering at this moment. The source? Global sales data that gives us insight in the current desires of consumers and customers.  

Gerb.Mix Variable on Row

Gerbera Garvinea 

Baskets Heart willow

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A flower family bursting with expression

No two families are the same and each is made up out of different, outspoken characters. This can also be said for the Gerbera family. The family has more than 500 members, divided into seven characters. Every character has its own expression. Which characters go together well?

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A popular trend: dried flowers

The demand for natural home decoration products is growing. Dried flowers are a fantastic alternative. The authentic, country living atmosphere that these arrangements exude is a fabulous bonus! This trend is expressed perfectly in Pure Solas FlowerTales style.

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