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A popular trend: dried flowers

The demand for natural home decoration products is growing. Dried flowers are a fantastic alternative. The authentic, country living atmosphere that these arrangements exude is a fabulous bonus! This trend is expressed perfectly in Pure Solas FlowerTales style.

Dried flowers are being used more and more frequently, also in combination with fresh flowers. In spring it sometimes takes quite a bit of efforts to find them; the better-known varieties are more abundant in autumn, after all. Still, anyone willing to pull on their galoshes in early spring will find numerous dried plumes and more growing along the banks and edges of lakes. Of course, buying them from our web shop in the Dried Flowers section is much easier – albeit a little less adventurous!

Ankita Ghiatkare: “Each dried flower in a book, has their own love story...”

Floral designer Marloes Joore regularly incorporates dried flowers into her creations. “When I put dried flowers in a floral creation together with fresh products and leaves the entire creation becomes more powerful. Give it a try with Helichrysum, for example. These ‘everlasting flowers’ feel a little dry to the touch – a little like straw – even when they’re fresh and are easy to dry. I regularly use them as if they were beads. They are easy to string!”

We are curious: which fresh flowers go well with dried flowers in your opinion?

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‘Don’t forget: 18 April, secretary, flowers’

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