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A flower family bursting with expression

No two families are the same and each is made up out of different, outspoken characters. This can also be said for the Gerbera family. The family has more than 500 members, divided into seven characters. Every character has its own expression. Which characters go together well?

One thing is certain: the Gerbera is a flower that brings colour. A feeling of joy, happiness or cheerfulness: there is a Gerbera for each type of household. The various characters give each house its own identity. Which ones will fit into your arrangement best? 

Reliable, classic and large-flowered: a pleasing and safe choice to come home to. The Large Gerbera is justifiably the grande dame of the family. 

This Gerbera determines the mood of every bouquet. Just like mother, Germini creates a perfect sense of balance.

Piccolini is guaranteed to steal your heart. This adorable toddler is the most winsome member of the family.

Pomponi graces every room. With their stylish spherical shape, the Spheres give each room a regal touch. 

A lively little rascal, Pastini is often sent upstairs – where it simply won’t stop dancing and bouncing off the walls!

The spidery petals of this Gerbera have enough spunk to turn the entire house topsy-turvy, like a mad aunt. 

A veritable eye-catcher that simply can't be ignored: the multicoloured Gerbera is the wild teenager of the family, creating an explosion of colour. 


Which characters go best in your bouquets? Put your favourite family together and share them via social media with the hashtag #feelinggerbera and tag us on Facebook and Instagram. By tagging us you give FleuraMetz permission to share the post on all of its channels.

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