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A bouquet that truly connects

Extraordinary, fascinating and personal; these two floral pieces tick all the boxes. Both bouquets have their own identity but also represent connection. In attached video and description, you will see how both bouquets are connected to each other. Your choice; are you going for one of the individual bouquets or do you choose to combine them?

The floral designer of the first bouquet (see picture above) about the design: “This piece is made for outgoing individuals, who like to colour outside the lines. Such bouquets are sold to eccentrics, who love flowers, plants and lots of foliage. Therefore, I have mixed the Rhodos rose with natural products, such as bamboo and peacock feathers.” A few orchids were also added to give the design more depth. 

The second design is completely different. This trendy bouquet is not a traditional, round hand tied and therefore ideal for younger consumers. The designer: “This hand tied is a parallel bouquet with the stems kept tightly together. The tall, sturdy stem of the Rhodos rose is perfect for it. I’ve also deliberately mixed in grey foliage, such as eucalyptus and olive branches. This target group not only likes green plants, it also loves cut foliage.”

Despite that both designs are so different, they complement each other well. The designers connected the two bouquets with a green garland. This garland is made of different materials that were also used in the bouquets. Add the garland into both bouquets and you have made the connection. See the final result below. 

Want to see more? Watch this video for a peek behind the scenes. The selected products are available in the web shop or ask your salesperson for more information.

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