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Online web shop: would you like to go run- or funshopping?

Are you familiar with the FleuraMetz App yet? This app offers you much sought-after convenience as you can now order flowers online at any time. It is user-friendly, fast and you can do run as well as funshopping. How does it work?

Select one of these categories ‘Surprise’, ‘Essentials’, ‘Customized’, ‘Promo’ or ‘Sale’ and you will find the desired flower varieties easier and faster. The sections allow you to buy flowers, plants and sundries in a way that is most efficient to you. A clever way of selecting products, which is also known as runshopping. 

Below video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Buy Smart in the FleuraMetz App. Handy for when you are stuck for time to browse through the complete range. 

Since a few months, you also have the option of inspiration-based buying. Online flower buying is still as convenient and easy but fully based on design. Your creativity is leading. Depending on the trends and styles that suit your target group, you select those products you need from different FlowerTales packages. Not only do they challenge you, it is also a lot of fun!

Below video is a short step-by-step tutorial on funshopping showing you how to shop in a fun and creative way. 

Don’t have the FleuraMetz App yet? Click here to download or upgrade the app.

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Buy smart

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