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Viburnum: looking for spring green

There are few flowers with such a fresh green colour as the Viburnum. The round flower sprays also generate a light, sweet perfume. The flowers are beautiful in white and green spring bouquets, with Syringa for example.

Viburnum opulus belongs to the honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae). 
The latin name is a derivative of ‘viere’ which means to bend or to braid. Viburnum opulus is generally known as the snowball, because of the round form of the flower sprays. The flower is a symbol of gallantry.

Just like the Syringa the Viburnum is a forced shrub. This is a plant which can be forced to flower outside its natural flowering season. Viburnum plants are grown in open soil as well as in pots. When the plants are three years old they are taken each year from the field to the greenhouse, where the temperature is significantly increased. Even when it’s a cold winter outside, the first spring flowers can be found in the greenhouse.

Viburnum is available from January to June. Buy Viburnum with fully grown flower sprays; the buds must already show their colour. Cut a minimum of two centimetres from the stem to encourage the intake of water and add cut flower food (especially for shrubs) to the vase water. The vase, preferably a glass one, should be really clean. Keep an eye on the water level as Viburnum uses a lot of water.


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