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Chrysant Sombrella wins FloraHolland Glass Tulip 2013

For the second year running a chrysanthemum from Deliflor Chrysanten has won the FloraHolland Glass Tulip award. This extraordinary bloom chrysanthemum Sombrella, which is grown by our partner grower Arcadia Chrysanten in De Lier (The Netherlands), has been judged as the number 1 introduction on the market in the Cut Flower category in the past year. Arcadia Chrysanten received this award end of January 2013 during a festive evening at the Hotels van Oranje in Noordwijk. With this victory Arcadia and Deliflor prolong their title as winner of the Glass Tulip, which they won last year with the Anastasia Star Pink.

The Glass Tulip is an annual prize, which FloraHolland presents to the most successful new product introduced on the market. Deliflor Chrysanten introduces around 15 new varieties each year. Every variety is brought onto the market supported by a specific strategy. Deliflor Chrysanten sells nearly 600 million chrysanthemum cuttings each year and over 60 different varieties each day.

Sombrella is unique in its shape as it resembles the shape of an opened umbrella. Secondly, the Sombrella is real eye catcher because of its gorgeous colours and extraordinary centre. The centre of this bloom looks as if it is covered with moss, which gives it its organic and trendy look. Florists absolutely love that! It’s a one of a kind look in the current range of blooms and this is exactly why Sombrella is the true winner of the FloraHolland Glass Tulip 2013, says the jury report.

FleuraMetz’ purchasing department had already spotted this novelty in the Summer of 2011 and was the first export company that included the Sombrella in its product range.

Before a product reaches the finals it has to be nominated by a professional group of auction team members, leading florists and export companies. This panel has judged all the nominees on commercial appeal, vase life, logistic efficiency and the risk of damages in transit.

The fact that a chrysanthemum has won this prestigious award for the second time in a row shows of great appreciation from the industry. The large range in colours and shapes, the extraordinary long vase life and strength in transit is what makes this flower so versatile. Deliflor Chrysanten and Arcadia are extremely proud to be the winner of this prestigious prize.

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