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Campanula: Houseplant for March

Green Rapunzel attracts spring light and banishes dark days - Dark thoughts? Need a positive impulse? Or just suffering from the Winter blues? Just like a modern Rapunzel, Campanula brings Spring into your home after a long dark Winter. With its shining appearance and especially its fresh, cheerful flowers, it lures the first traces of the season of light and growth, into your home. This makes Campanula the ideal Houseplant of the (Spring) month of March.

The explanation of its name is to be found in its flower shape: Campanula is Latin for ‘bell’. Originally the plant comes from Northern Italy, where in certain places (mostly in the south, as there is the most sunshine!) it forms a natural hanging carpet over rock formations. Just like Rapunzel, who hung her beautiful, long hair out of the tower where she had been locked up by an angry witch, the fresh green stems with their pretty bell shaped flowers grow richly in the wild. In the story by the brothers Grimm, Rapunzel lures a handsome prince with her singing, who then climbs up her hair into the tower. Campanula with its pretty flowers, wants to be lured into your home to bring in the feeling of Spring.

FleuraMetz has made a poster of the houseplant of the month, which you can download here for free.  

This will cost little energy as the Campanula grows quickly. Place it in a nice pot in your home and with the right care, it will grow into an impressive hanging plant in no time. All the care campanula requires is only damp soil, plant food once every couple of weeks and enough light. Give it a spot in your home with plenty of light (Do not put it in direct sunlight though behind glass!), or later in the year when the temperature is warm enough a place on the balcony or patio in full sun or half shade. It will generously reward you with its characteristically bell shaped, lilac or white flowers for weeks on end.

With the right care you can enjoy a number of flowering periods, which may overlap. To achieve this, remove blown flower heads regularly and move the Campanula to a place outside when it has finished flowering in the house. Chances are that light and happiness will continue to enrich your spirits. And who could ever get enough of that?


Source: Flowercouncil Holland

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