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Novelties FleuraMetz - new in our range

The following new products have been added to our range last week. If you are interested in one of these products feel free to inquire about availability and price with your salesperson. Please note that some items are only available in limited numbers and within a certain period of time.

Chrysanthemum Arlisa  

Chrysanthemum Axe Sunny

Chrysanthemum Santini Daniek

Chrysanthemum Santini Kindu Green

Chrysanthemum Selene

Chrysanthemum Tanets

Germini Choicy Mix Sunrise 

Germini Choicy Mix Sweet Pink

 Rosa Mystelle
Rosa Sylvia Rosa Valentine+ Tulipa Ben Fire

Tulipa Casual   Tulipa Delta Storm Tulipa Inez
Tulipa Ontario  Tulipa Pallada Dream  Tulipa Pierre Legrand
Tulipa Rosy Delight    

Lilac: attractively perfumed

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Dracaena: Houseplant for February

Fire spewing dragon good for a strong dose of optimism

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