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Dracaena: Houseplant for February

Fire spewing dragon good for a strong dose of optimism

“Wanted: housemate who will value my fun and ‘monstrous’ characteristics”. This could be the opening line from a dating advert placed by the Dracaena. This special plant, also known as the dragon tree, creates a flaming presence and exudes optimism. Enough reason to crown it as Houseplant of the month of February!

The botanical name Dracaena originates from the Greek ‘drakaina’, which means female dragon. The name has been given to this temperamental lady because of its bright red resin, or dragon blood, that some of the varieties produces. It may give the impression that this plant is difficult to tame but nothing could be further from the truth. The Dracaena is more than happy with a bright spot, regular watering (not too much though; it doesn’t like wet roots) and a light sprinkle with a plant spray every now and then.

FleuraMetz has made a poster of the houseplant of the month, which you can download here for free. 

Most types of Dracaena originate from Africa but certain varieties can also be found in southern Asia and central America. When we are talking about Dracaena as a housemate it is important that they don’t find themselves in too dark of an area . The amazing colours and designs on the leaves are dependent on the right amount of (sun) light. If they get enough, they will reward you with beautifully coloured and shaped leaves in the most trendy varieties. Pointed, sometimes a bit rounder, green with yellow, green with red, pink: the leaves of some of the varieties are literally just like fire spewing dragon flames in your living room! Thanks to its diversity the Dracaena suits any interior.

The Dracaena has too much personality and flamboyance to be a wallflower at your home. She will make you notice her! Surely, this much colour and character will bring a smile to your face.

Source: Flowercouncil Holland

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