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Spring in your garden: Top 5 tub plants

Tub plants originally come from the tropics, where they flower profusely. With a large wooden tub or other container you can give these plants enough space to flower for several years, even in less tropical climates. Here is a list of five fabulous varieties:

1. Solanum
This low-maintenance climber with its many flowers has its origins in South America. Water regularly and put in a semi-shaded, semi-sunny place. Nice detail: If you put Solanum next to a wall it might decide to creep up! Something for your shop floor?

2. Fuchsia
Everything but a stranger, this familiar plant will thrive equally well on your balcony and in your garden. Direct sunlight is fine, but not all day long. Tip: Regularly pinching off dead flowers will help the plant flower all summer long.

3. Mandevilla
Regularly water this plant, give it a little plant food from April to September and it will flower beautifully in a sheltered spot. It is not winter-hardy and will not start blooming until late spring. 

4. Anisodontea
This plant produces lovely pink flowers and loves warmth and sunlight. It needs to be watered every day on hot summer days. Don’t plant it in a closed pot or in soil where it can’t expand. Make sure that any excess water can easily flow away. Give it a little plant food once every two weeks in summer. 

5. Garden roses
Give your garden a fairytale touch. Plant your roses where they will get a little wind, a lot of sun, adequate space and enough water. Cut off dead flowers for prolonged plant life. Give them a little extra fertilizer in April and June. 

Are there any tub plants you are missing on this list? Or would you like some other tips to pass on to your customers? Let us know on social media!

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