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GUEST BLOG | The Bold House Styled Shoot

Floral designer Jessica Logan tells you about a non-traditional wedding. Read along what inspired her and what products she used for this ‘styled shoot’.

Jessica: “The inspiration behind the bold house-styled shoot was to create something for the non-traditional bride. It had to feel modern and have a sharp edge. By choosing a beautiful, structured dress, a leather jacket and minimalistic jewellery, I quickly knew that we were creating something unique. To finish it off, we decided to focus on sober, stylish flowers where the flower jewellery appears as art.”


“I made sure that the bouquet was not too large. In styled shoots, the bouquet is often rather large, while in fact a large bouquet is not very handy at all; the bouquet becomes so heavy that the bride must hold it with two hands. I wanted to approach this more realistically and do something that is not on trend. To create a sober colour palette, I used a mix of black and purple shades, which are close to a warm colour palette.”

Jessica used these flowers:

  • Astrantia
  • Amnesia roses
  • Scabiosa ‘Dark Knight’
  • Lisianthus ‘Roseanne Brown’
  • Burgundy Dahlia
  • Rainbow Eucalyptus
  • Acacia
  • Ninebark (Diablo)

Jessica explains: “In general, I like flowers with texture. I often choose a colour palette where the colours mix well together. All shades in this bouquet range from dark red to dark brown or purple. I made this bouquet in the autumn, which is my favourite season for flowers.”

“I always start with the centre of the bouquet. I like to use a rose for this which matches well with the other flowers. My favourite in the purple colour palette is amnesia. It opens beautifully, and the petals are very soft. The next basic flower is the lisianthus. ‘Roseanne Brown’ suits perfectly with this colour palette. The lisianthus is a very beautiful flower and I tend to push the petals outward so the dark heart becomes visible.”

“The astrantia and the scabiosa have an airy appearance and add interesting detail. I like dahlias because of their dark, almost black colour. Even the stem is black! I have to buy the dahlias locally because – as many florists know – they are very fragile and do not keep very long.”

”I like to select green which has an airy appearance. Rainbow eucalyptus is very cool because it has many different colours. You can use them in a warm or cool colour palette. Ninebark adds a perfect dark, sober atmosphere while is still very stylish. Acacia has a fine structure and gives depth to the bouquet by adding lighter elements amongst the darker flowers.

What do you think of this creation? Do you ever use a dark colour palette or rather a lighter? Tag us in your creations on social media!
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