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DIY | An original gift

Mothers are good at multitasking, are flexible and need to be very resilient. We can reward them for this in May, when many western countries celebrate Mother’s Day. Use this flower to create this bouquet in no time at all. With this creation you can surprise not only mothers, but anyone with an original, creative gift.

We consciously opted to use SCOOP® Scabiosa for this creation. This flower is resilient and flexible. Because these cheerful spherical flowers are equally lovely in all stages of their development you can use them as a bud as well as when they are in full bloom. All up to you! If you create a bouquet exclusively with these dynamic flowers they will be shown off to their best advantage and won’t be overshadowed by other flowers or foliage. Even the smallest buds will be prominently visible!  

Start by building a frame and gradually expand this circle. This will give you frame multiple layers. You can also do this by using different colours and thicknesses of wood strips. The photograph below shows how to connect the layers with wire. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that less is more!

The next step is to insert the flowers through the frame, one at a time.

Visit our web shop for the materials we have in stock or call your sales representative for more information. Are you interested in more ways to use the cheerful SCOOP® Scabiosa? Click here

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