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On the move | Visiting the fresh SCOOP®

To florists, it’s an never ending challenge to find new products for their designs. Not to mention that nowadays, you should also know where products come from and what special technology was required to grow them. We’ve done the research for you on the SCOOP® Scabiosa. Want to know more?

The SCOOP® Scabiosa developed by breeding company Danziger, is grown by Marginpar Live Wire at 2250m altitude at the border of Rift Valley, Kenya. This location was specifically chosen as the Kenyan climate has the perfect conditions for growing colourful scoops. The bright, dry days with low humidity allow the flowers to develop at their own pace. It gives them their signature large, blooms and long, sturdy stems.

The grower is particularly dedicated to improving the quality of the flower. The quality standard of the SCOOP® Scabiosa we know today, took four years in the make. The grower still keeps testing and developing his product in order to stay in line with the increasing quality demands from customers. FleuraMetz imports this versatile flower and offers the summer bloomer already in early spring.
Would you like to try this extraordinary beauty yourself? View the current selection in the web shop or ask your salesperson for more information.

Soon: a challenging DIY with the SCOOP® Scabiosa, keep an eye on this page.

RESPONSIBLE | The new packaging

They were already featured in the FleuraMetz Magazine: packaging. Needed for their protective function, criticised for their negative impact on the environment. At the same time, they offer companies and brands a new opportunity: who has the ultimate solution that satisfies all parties? We looked within and beyond the industry.

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DIY | Easy yet extraordinary

Easy yet extraordinary designs… this DIY from the FlowerTales Magazine ticks all the right boxes. Both the plant as well as the flower are dyed. Have you tried our designer’s technique yet?

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