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DIY | Strong Urban Tane design

A strong, unique and unexpected rose mix. ‘Glances of Decofresh’ surprises you with a new selection of stunning roses every two months. March and April are reserved for ‘Glances of Urban Tane’, which are the base ingredients for this mighty DIY arrangement. Are you man enough for this powerhouse?

Glances of Urban Tane is defined by an amazing selection of robust, casual and trendy roses. Perhaps you have already caught a glimpse of the mix in the latest FleuraMetz Magazine. Whether you use them on their own or mixed together, in a bouquet or arrangement, the result is always an embodiment of this popular trend. Each design is distinguished with strong shapes and soft details creating a casual overall look.

“Remove the thorns from the stems to soften the look. Want a rawer touch? Leave the thorns on.”

Want to know more about Glances of Decofresh and the mixes to come? Keep an eye on this page for more information or get in touch with your salesperson for the latest offering.

PLANTS | Casa botanica: the interior trend of 2019

In this guest blog, the interior coach shows you the way in the interior trend of 2019: Casa botanica. Tropical palms, plants from your own cuttings and green walls: they’re all part of this trend. "It’s very relaxing for the body and soul to be surrounded by greenery."

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TIPS & TRICKS | Get your flower shop ready for spring!

Flower stylist Bianca Vreugdenhil knows the ropes as no other. New season, new products. Bianca: “With the new collection of pots in stock, that what is left over from last season will normally be put on sale. But what if you can still sell them against their original price?”

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