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DIY | Perfect for a wedding

The flower cloud is a popular trend. This flower creation is often used as a table decoration for example, at weddings or other events. Our arranger Tessa has been busy and gives a number of useful tips!

"The nice thing about this creation is that there are all kinds of different materials to use," says Tessa . "If it happens to be for a wedding then different kinds of fresh flowers are suitable. But do you have any flowers left over in the store?. If so dry them and process them into a cloud of flowers. "
We don't often see such a beautiful and efficient eye-catcher: use flowers that would otherwise be thrown away and create a beautiful decoration.


  • A stick as the basis for the cloud;
  • Oasis holders (dry);
  • Plug tubes;
  • Nylon thread;
  • Binding wire;
  • Eryngium (thistle);
  • Lilies;
  • Various dried grasses *;
  • Dried lotus leaves;
  • Dried lavender;
  • Wild Gale;
  • Cotton branches;
  • Grevillea green


To create an airy arrangement it is important to use protruding and prominent materials. Think, for example, of elegant species such as the Pampas Grass.
Nice detail *. For these dried grasses, floral designer Tessa has even picked useful species from the roadside!

One last tip: "Provide a well-filled base of green, because making adjustments later is difficult. In addition, do not work too neatly. The wilder the creation, the more natural the effect. "

Try it yourself? Take a look in the webshop for the available products. This creation is part of the 'Pure Solas' trend. Read more about this in the FlowerTales magazine (March / April edition).

DIY | Floral design for the younger consumer

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