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SUSTAINABLE | Transport roses without packaging

Intern Annelies Visser collaborated with two of our Preferred Suppliers to research what the impact is on roses if they are transported without packaging. Needless to say, it would be great news if we didn’t need packaging anymore. However, the protective and informative function of a sleeve is also essential. Most striking: the florist prefers to buy flowers, which are packed in an ordinary sleeve (plastic).

We took control over the complete supply chain on a small scale. From the greenhouses of Preferred Supplier Kwekerij de Opstal as well as Preferred Supplier Rosenburg Roses, we followed the steps of several batches of roses. Through strategic buyer Rob Aelvers and FleuraMetz’s quality controller Wim Boerlage, these batches were checked, tested and forwarded to FleuraMetz Venlo, were the employees of the Cash & Carry sold the roses to customers.

  • Greenhouse from Kwekerij de Opstal in Naaldwijk, The Netherlands
  • Date: 31-10-2019
  • Length: 50 centimeter, transported by individual bucket
  • 3 types of stock: stock without sleeves, stock with kraft paper sleeves, stock with ordinary sleeves (plastic)

Conclusion: the quality of each stock was of ample standard after transport. The roses from the three stocks were good enough to sell.

Point of attention: The kraft paper was very wet at the bottom as the sleeve was too big and too long.

  • Greenhouse from Kwekerij Rodenburg Roses in Delfgauw, The Netherlands
  • Date: 04-11-2019
  • Length: 60 centimeter, transported by full trolley.
  • One layer without packaging, one layer with kraft paper, one layer with ordinary sleeve (plastic) 

Conclusion: de quality of the three layers showed no noticeable differences. In addition, one bunch of each layer was kept aside to re-test the quality after a week’s time. There were no noticeable differences here either, the quality was in all cases of an equally high standard.

Point of attention: The salability of the Rosa Red Naomi in kraft paper and  without sleeve was nil due to poor presentation. Not all roses were sold. 

  • Florists are very careful when it comes to breakage and damage during transport of the bunches without sleeves and prefer an ordinary, plastic sleeve.
  • Kraft paper does not offer an optimal presentation value. This can easily be solved by fitting sleeves and prints.

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