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Practical translations of FlowerTales trends

Timo Bolte works as an event and photoshoot florist and is renowned for his extravagant style. We wanted to know how he personally tackles commercial trends and asked him to translate the latest FlowerTales trends from FleuraMetz into coveted bouquets. Four completely different bouquets were made at the premises of Schloss Eulenbroich (DE) – some were simply tied, others a bit more dramatic with added value.

For this bouquet, Timo Bolte drew inspiration from the hand painted tiles in the castle. Wood slices were cut into pieces, partly painted and glued together. The leafy structure was made by arranging the wood slices in a fan shape. Similar products are also available in specialty shops. The bunches are tied to long wires, which are then connected to the loose frame. Bring irises, ranunculi, roses and poppies together in this transparent structure. A flat bowl will emphasise the elegant and transparent look.

For this bouquet, Timo Bolte focused on the Eastern ornaments on the tiles. He wrapped raffia around binding wire (18) and turned them 4 to 5 times around each other for stability and to create a three dimensional frame. This technique is also perfect for basic bouquets, which can be made in front of the customer in just matter of minutes. Mix together poppies, gloriosa, roses, carnations and alchemilla for a colourful bouquet.

The base of this bouquet is a circle cut out of old cardboard – reusing this waste product is a perfect embodiment of the topic. Timo Bolte then glued dried honesty to the cardboard ring using a glue gun. The dried leaves remind him of the rooms at the farmhouse from his childhood. The delicate leaves with their pearlescent shimmer look amazing together with the metal base. Simple flowers from the garden, such as roses, clematis or amaranthus blend well together but will not overpower the completed look.

This simple, round hand tied is designed to trigger your senses. By adding in unique, scented roses this bouquet becomes an absolute fragranced dream. Together with olives, jasmine and viburnum this combination makes you long for upcoming summer season. It looks unpretentious and spontaneous – like a walk through the garden. This style of bouquet can be made within minutes without too much technical preparations and is easily adapted to a customer’s personal taste.

Source and images: Florieren!


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