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‘Fascination of Plants Day’ at FleuraMetz

Plants are booming! Not only are they fun to keep, they also contribute to a healthy lifestyle and climate. And so, ‘Fascination of Plants Day’ was launched. Goal: to get as many people around the world enthused about the importance and beauty of plants.

FleuraMetz buyer Gert-Jan Prins specializes in the purchasing and sales of plants: “You can see that plants are very on trend right now. They have become a fixed part of our society, people talk about them. The other day, I saw a mother and daughter picking out plants together for the living room on Instagram.”

Eco-friendly cultivation has also become a key element. Gert-Jan explains: “It’s very normal that new plants are grown and traded. It’s even more important that growers grow quality plants under sustainable conditions. One of our growers is currently doing research on an alternative for plastic trays and sleeves, another grower uses biodegradable pots for his plants. Working out innovative ideas such as these are the future. It’s necessary for growers and wholesalers to work together on applicable, sustainable solutions.”

Despite the many different plant trends we have seen, such as Urban Jungle, Gert-Jan lets us know that the Phalaenopsis is still the bestselling plant in all the countries he services. “It’s still a crazily popular product. However, you do see different tastes in colour, size and ripeness in different countries. The French for example prefer long stems as opposed to the Germans, who like them shorter.”

The FleuraMetz buyer says that there are lots of opportunities in the near future. “We can significantly expand our selection but only if the quality and reliability is guaranteed. The demand for plants could decrease at a certain point but for now it is still booming. And so, we will continue to look for distinctive, new varieties. FleuraMetz will also keep developing as a company and continue to better its services to the market.”

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