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Blog: we keep coming back for more beautiful images

Instagram has grown into one of the most popular online platforms and is a great channel for promoting businesses. Upload attractive clips, photos or create a stunning portfolio. Insta Stories is the hottest feature of the hour: post messages that will stay online for a maximum of 24 hours.

Previously, we showed you how an Instagam profile can serve as an online shop window. The Stories feature is even more fun: post one or more messages that will stay online for a maximum of 24 hours and tell an appealing story.

Attracted by the beautiful page of a company or person on Instagram, (potential) customers want to see more: who is this, what is behind this company? The stories are short, appealing and have different fun or handy functions. It makes viewers come back for more.

See what other designers or companies from completely different industries do to keep their fans on board. The Urban Jungle Bloggers (@urbanjungleblog) for example, built a strong brand based on the green hype while Preferred Supplier Anco Pure Vanda (@ancopurevanda) shows their viewers where their beautiful Vandas come from. The happy and frequent clips from the grower himself are a clever way to gain and retain followers.

Already have an Instagram account? Click on the dots at the top to follow other stories. The photo icon on the top left allows you to create one yourself. At the bottom you can select photos, movies (play-back, handsfree) and filters. Click on the sticker for polls, hashtags and more. The decorations can be used for a serious or tactical note but also for fun, think about the frozen penguin or the popular ‘strike a pose’. Try it yourself!

Blog: On the move at Myplant & Garden in Milan!

The Myplant & Garden fair in Milan, Italy attracted 13.000 visitors from 21 until 23 February. The event was a sweet shop to florists, floral designers, wholesalers, garden centres… to basically anything and anyone who is related to garden, plants and hard goods. The best of it all… FleuraMetz was there together with FlowerTales and Parfum Flower Company, in the middle of all the action!

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Guest blog: Diane Wagner about her wedding designs

Diane Wagner (Diane Wagner Designs, New York (US)), specializes in romantic, natural wedding flowers. In her blog for FleuraMetz, she shares her views on memorable floral décor and what color palettes to use.

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