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Mission, strategy & core values

FleuraMetz wants to be your full-service partner. We are a powerful supplier in flowers, plants and sundries, which we supply to florists throughout Europe and North America. Through the outstanding knowledge and quality of our employees and our extensive product range, we want to support and inspire you as much as we can. We also do our utmost to offer continuous supporting services, which will help you to strengthen your market position. 

Depending on the type of market you serve, we offer different buying concepts. The three current concepts are Cash & Carry, Sales Truck and Web shop. Due to the rapid developments in online activities, we can increasingly offer you multiple combinations of these buying concepts. What’s suits you the best, can be explained perfectly by our expert employees. 

This equal way of working can be found in every element of our organisation. One understands and trusts one another due to the no-nonsense way we interact. As a customer, you immediately find this noticeable, since we always place purposes above rules and carry out our 3 core values no matter the situation: Responsible, humane and forward. 

FleuraMetz moves forward with its rapidly changing surroundings and likes seeing its partner producers and partner florists work together on a flourishing future. Growth doesn’t necessarily mean becoming bigger, it means becoming better. Successful. Together.